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This is it.

Blogging. This is something that I've thought about doing for such a long time, but always talked myself out of.

Me to Me: Why would you start a blog? No one's going to read it, and they definitely won't care about what you write.

Then, very recently, I thought, "So what?" So what if no one but my mom reads it. So what if it seems like no one cares. I've found myself with so much to say about what's going on in my life and, shockingly enough, my toddler couldn't care less about what comes out of my mouth (unless it involves the word "snacks," of course). So I thought I'd just write about whatever it is that's taking up room in this wild mind of mine and send it off into the black hole that is the internet. If someone out there happens to read it, great. If someone actually enjoys it, even better!

So here it goes. My blogging journey begins today.

P.S. Here's my absolute favorite photo of me and said uninterested, snack-loving toddler.

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