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Big Announcement

Do you know the feeling when you have to tell someone something but you're dreading telling them because it isn't the best news so you kind of put it off for a while? Well that's been me these past few weeks. I have something to tell all of you and I've been delaying it for as long as I can but, alas, the time has come.

We're moving. Yes, you read that correctly. I will no longer be living in the Pacific Northwest. I'll be moving to Oklahoma come September. Though I am excited to start this new journey with my family in a new location, it breaks my heart that I'll be leaving this gorgeous place. It has been a dream being able to practice photography here. I've made some wonderful friendships with you all and learned so much about your families and lives. It really saddens me to have to let all of you go.

But that's military life, right? We make new friendships, put down roots somewhere that feels permanent even though we know that it won't be, and we make wherever we are home until we have to do it all again somewhere new.

We have enjoyed living in Washington so much and I'm so grateful that we were able to experience this beautiful state and all of the amazing people here. Thank you to each and every family that allowed me to practice and perfect my craft over the past couple years. It was an honor working with all of you and I hope that we somehow our paths cross in the future.

Take care guys.

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