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Summer, Are You Here Yet?

So far this year, it's been SO rainy here in the PNW. I get that it does rain a lot in Washington, but I haven't seen this much rain since I got here in 2014. Thankfully, this past month, we've had some breaks in the rain and have gotten to indulge in some warmth and sunshine!

During a warm and sunny evening last week, I had a session with two sweet kids, Steven and Olivia, down by the water. I got to shoot them for the first time back in the Fall and it was so nice having them back out in front of my camera again. I couldn't have asked for a better session from these two. The weather was gorgeous, the scenery was perfect, and they were dressed so well.

This session has gotten me so excited to get out there and shoot this summer! I can't wait to photograph families and kids dressed in super cute summer clothes and capture couples getting cozy on the coast. See you soon Summer '17!

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